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Registration for the Club Interneland €10 (euros) per year

In order for you to register you need:

- To be already Registered in the Interneland - If you have not completed your registration, click here

- To be invited by a Sponsor

Fill up this form, mentioning your Sponsor's Name or Interneland Login

Your Last Name:

Your First Name:

Your E-mail:

Your Country:

Your Interneland Login:

Your Sponsor's Name:

Portal chosen:



Access to the payment from the Interneland forums

In the following page, you must identify yourself as a member of the Interneland forums
with your usual login and password.

Then you will be sent to the "Join Payment Group".

In this page you will find "The Group you want to join", you must click on

"Please select a group to join" and choose "CLUB INTERNELAND 10 euros for 1 year"

Then click on to reach the secure payment through Paypal.

When your payment is completed, return to the Portals of Interdimensional Alliances
and choose your sponsor and your portal.

Notice: You registration can be renewed automatically unless you refuse it or in case the administration
for any reason cannot renew your registration.

To access payment click here


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