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An Online Shop for Art Creations and Books and for various Products selected for you

from the Web commercial market.

Discover magical fairy-world and flower Cards, Posters and Artframes
from the Fairimages Collection

Paranormal Powers
A Voyage through a World of Extraordinary Powers

Appel Fondation
The goal of this Foundation is to help destitute people by raising funds for selected Humanitarian,
Ecological and Artistic Projects, and to support certain people's actions and initiatives likely to contribute
to alleviating the suffering of the world and to slowing down the destruction of the planet.

Atlantys 3000
A New Protramme for Planet Earth

Thoughts and Poetry

For Poetry Lovers and the Amateurs of Reflexions on Life

Let yourself be bathed in Inspired Melodies
for Happiness, Dream and Dance.


An Initiatory Journey through India

Harmonie Session
For wonderful Holidays, and for your Inner Enrichment,
Harmonie Session offers
Personal Growth Workshops in Beautiful Settings.

Access to Cosmic Women Web Site
Become a Cosmic Woman by expressing your Inner Identity and your Soul Dimension
made of sensuality, sensibility, subtlety, intuition and memory.

Researches in Science of the Consciousness and in Artificial Intelligence.

Stages Energy
Workshops in various domains for an harmonious management of your
vital, emotional, psychic and spiritual energy in your daily life.

Unitary Science Institute
A Training in Transpersonal Growth allowing you to awaken all the facets of your personality,
to facilitate your encounter with your superior nature.

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