In order to talk online with a member of Interneland in the vocal chat, you only need to install TeamSpeak. TeamSpeak is a software that will allow you to discuss with several other members of Interneland at the same time.

Install it TODAY. It is free and very simple to use. You only need to be connected on the Internet and to have a good microphone.

Here are the instructions for installation and setting in order to correctly use it.



For PC users, click here

For MAC users, click here

When the installation is completed, open Teamspeak


When you open TeamSpeak, click on SETTINGS in the upper menu.
Then click on "Push to Talk" (as the default setting is "Voice Activation")
You will now choose a key in your keyboard, which will activate the voice transmission.
Click on SET, a little window tells you : "Press a Key".
Click on the key you have chosen in your keyboard for the "push to talk" command.
Click on "close"
You only need to make this setting once (except if you want to change the key).

Then, go to the upper menu and click on CONNECTION.
A window opens, click on QUICK CONNECT.
Enter the server address:

Then type your nickname, which will identify you in the list of connected people.
Click on CONNECT.


You promise that, in your discussions, you will use no abusive or insulting, obscene, difamatory, threatening or sexual vocabulary, and that you will send no message that might break the laws in application. If you did, you would be immediately and permanently banished from the vocal chatrooms (and your Internet access provider would be informed). You agree with the fact that the webmaster, the administrator and the moderators of these vocal chatrooms have the right to momentarily or permanently banish all users who would not respect the conditions of use of these vocal chatrooms.

By participating in the vocal chatrooms, you pledge yourself to be in agreement with and to respect the above-mentioned rules.



You must be connected on the Internet, and your microphone must be on.

Open TeamSpeak.
Click on CONNECTION then on QUICK CONNECT and then on CONNECT.

Now, you must choose one of the various vocal chatrooms of Interneland according to your language.
To enter the discussion in English, click on "English" twice, then you directly enter the vocal chatroom with English-speaking Interneland members. You can shift vocal chatroom at any moment, by double-clicking on the chatroom you choose.

In order to speak, you must keep pushing on the key you have specified; otherwise, people will not hear you. As soon as you speak, the little mark near your name turns green.

To leave the program, turn it off or click on "Disconnect".

You can use TeamSpeak simultaneously with the Interneland Forum, while surfing on the Internet, etc...