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For your relationship network

If you know people who wish to make new friends through international correspondence (either by e-mail or by ordinary post), give them the address of our Club with your recommendation. When they write to us, we will register your recommendation and we will send you a free equivalent list of correspondence friends. Normally, all the persons whose addresses are on the following lists want to establish contacts by correspondence, either on the net or by post.

If a person no longer wants to appear in the listing of our Interneland Friendship Club, let us know by post or by e-mail and we will immediately take this name and address out of our listing.

For your gifts and commercial activities

Obviously, in case you send us an important listing from your own network or Club, and if these addresses appear to be valid and real, we will be pleased to create a co-operation with you either by an exchange of listing, or by an interesting participation in the activities of our Club.

If a true co-operation can be established, Interneland Friendship Club will grant you an interesting discount on your purchases on commercial web sites that are associated to our world wide network.

For your entertainment and journeys

We wish to promote the various talents of all the participants in our Interneland Friendship Club. For this purpose, and in order to create better exchanges, Interneland will organise games and contests in the following areas: image creation and 3D animation design; storyboard; poetry; graphics; music; photography; original ideas, etc. In every contest the winner will receive a prize. We will announce these contests by e-mail: watch your e-mailbox and don't miss them!



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